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“I had my first voice lesson recently, (at college)  and my lovely voice teacher, Kelli, was super impressed by my technique. I told her that I owe it all to you. Really, I couldn't have asked for better training. Thank you for gracefully molding me into the singer I am today . Kelli was so floored by my training, and it's all you. Thank you so, so much for always being so patient and kind.”

Jamie Yarmoff, Northwestern University Sophomore

“I have studied voice with Susan Terry for the past three-and-a-half years.  In this time, we have worked on pretty much every aspect of the art of singing, and the results have been wonderful.  From smoothing out my passaggio to expanding my range by at least four whole notes in my upper and lower register, Susan has helped me learn and master italian opera, Frank Sinatra, and countless show tunes.  She is flexible with my busy schedule and always finds time before auditions to make sure that I can perform at my very best.  Not only has my voice improved dramatically in pitch and quality in my time with Susan, but I have also learned so much about musical theater and interpretations of lyrics.  Because of her help, I will be able to enjoy singing at a professional level for the rest of my life. ”

Everett Sussman, Staples High School Junior and a member of Staples Players

“In my fourth year of taking lessons with Susan, I can honestly say that not only have my vocals improved greatly, but I have grown so much more confident in myself. I am involved in Staples Players and Susan has prepared me for several auditions. She is great at choosing audition pieces and always sends me in with the material that I perform best and am most comfortable with. I recently landed a leading role and I could not be more thankful for the preparation and the advice Susan gave to me. My range has also grown substantially, broadening my possibilities for leading soprano roles and experimenting with classical pieces and opera. I would have never imagined my singing voice would improve as much as it did in the past few years, without Susan it wouldn't have been possible.”

Noa Wind, Staples High School Junior and a member of Staples Players

“Susan has been a valuable teacher in my life. Not only has she provided me with singing technique that has dramatically improved my voice, but she has supported me every step of the way and has taught me how to be confident in my vocal ability. She motivates you to be the best you can be. She's a teacher, a mentor and a cheerleader all wrapped in one. Before her, I never considered myself a "singer". Now, I feel as though can say I am. ”

Claire Smith, Staples High School Junior and a member of Staples Players

“No one has had a bigger hand in improving my abilities as a vocalist than Susan Terry. Her incredible knowledge of technique and her nurturing teaching style helped me to grow and develop areas of my range that I never thought possible.  When I first came to see her, she recognized that I had damaged my vocal cords and guided me through recovery. She has taught me how to protect my voice and remain healthy regardless of what style of singing I pursue. ”

Eva Hendricks - NYU Clive Davis School of Music - Junior